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5 Carnival Must-Haves You Need at Your Next Event

boy using a claw machine at carnival games in singapore

Planning an event can be stressful – from settling on the theme to inviting guests, planning the decorations, ordering the food and coming up with fun activities – it is no wonder that not many want to take up the responsibility.

Luckily, there are ways to make your life as the organiser easier and the whole planning process more enjoyable; one of them is to include some carnival must-haves on the day of the event! They do not just act as a form of entertainment, but can also double up as part of your branding efforts.

Keep reading to find out why you need these five carnival games and carts at your next event.

1. Capsule machine

lady playing capsule machine at the arcade people in singapore

Capsule machines, also known as gashapons, are a dime a dozen in Singapore – we see them in malls and arcades on a daily basis. On the other hand, even though capsule machines are common, most would have already outgrown the fun of inserting a coin and the anticipation of not knowing what they will receive in those little plastic capsules as they reach adulthood.

So why not take your guests down memory lane and help them relive the fun they used to experience while turning the knob and waiting for a capsule to emerge? A capsule machine can be easily transformed into a creative way to hand out door gifts, free gifts and lucky draw presents – making it an unforgettable event for everyone.

2. Claw machine

Lady using a claw machine at the arcade people in singapore

Unlike a capsule machine which utilises a ‘sure win’ approach, claw machines are notorious for their difficulty in ‘catching’ an item. But that is perhaps its charm, encouraging players to keep trying till they get a prize and not give up so quickly.

If you are planning an event to celebrate the grand opening of a store and want to encourage people to purchase items, try using a claw machine filled with prizes to entice more customers. For instance, you can come up with terms and conditions such as customers who spend a minimum amount will get three chances to try their hands at the claw machine.

3. Bishi Bashi

Bashi bashi arcade machine

Take things up a notch at your event by renting Bishi Bashi arcade machines to encourage bonding among your guests. The multi-player mini-games will surely be a hit among both the young and old, creating a friendly competitive atmosphere that will make the event more exciting.

Such arcade machines are great for informal events such as corporate family days and team-building sessions.

4. Cotton candy machine

cotton candy machine at the arcade people in singapore

When you think of carnivals, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely the cotton candy machine! Cotton candy is an indispensable part of carnivals and any other event and can serve as a dessert that both adults and children will appreciate.

Aside from that, utilising a cotton candy machine is also a great way to maximise your company’s branding efforts subtly – one easy way is to incorporate your brand logo colours into the cotton candy.

5. Kids’ mini arcade games

little girl playing some carnival games in singapore

Last but not least, consider renting mini arcade machines that are kid-friendly for your event to keep them occupied. Some carnival games that are easy for kids to navigate include pinball machines, Dance Dance Revolution and air hockey tables.

If your event involves mostly parents who will have to bring their young kids along, then these games are going to be the perfect distractions for kids so that their parents can concentrate on what your event has to offer.

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